ANU Maths Day 2022

Young maths enthusiasts from across the region are invited to battle it out in a test of mind and muscles at ANU Maths Day.

In teams of five, year 12 students take part in mathematical challenges designed to build teamwork skills and promote a love of maths. The day is divided into four challenges:

  • a group of story problems
  • a swiss 'find the rule' problem
  • a cross number puzzle
  • and the day’s highlight, the relay – a test of brainpower and physical stamina.

ANU Maths Day has been running in the ACT since 1982. The University's competition includes contestants from schools in Canberra, Wollongong, the South Coast, Southern Highlands and Sydney. The day gives the students a chance to meet another 160 like-minded young people who are into mathematics, which is particularly important for people from smaller schools.

ANU Maths Day isn’t all about being the cleverest or the brightest. Activities are formulated to ensure that everyone can have a go and have fun while taking part in some healthy and rigorous competition.


$80 per team. Each school can only enter 1 registration for a team of 5. The second team registration will be added onto the waiting list. 

Sample questions & solutions

Questions Solutions
2012 ANU Maths Day Swiss Contest (PDF 106KB)  
2012 ANU Maths Day Relay Contest (PDF 95KB) 2012 ANU Maths Day Relay Contest Answer Sheet (PDF 51KB)
2012 ANU Maths Day Cross Contest (PDF 106 KB)  
2012 ANU Maths Day Group Contest (PDF 67KB)

2012 ANU Maths Day Group Contest Answer Sheet (PDF 52KB)