Asymptotically conical Calabi-Yau manifolds

Asymptotically conical Calabi-Yau manifolds

MSI Colloquium, where the school comes together for afternoon tea before one speaker gives an accessible talk on their subject

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23 Nov 2023 4:00pm - 23 Nov 2023 5:00pm
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Ronan Conlon (University of Texas at Dallas)
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Brett Parker, Ian Le

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Geometers are interested in finding the "nicest" shape that a manifold can have. For surfaces, this shape is usually the most symmetric, like the round sphere or the flat plane. In general there are different ways of characterizing precisely what a "nice" manifold is. In this talk I will focus on one such class of manifolds, namely "Ricci-flat Kahler" or "Calabi-Yau" manifolds. In the 1970's, Yau proved that a compact Kahler manifold with vanishing first Chern class is Calabi-Yau, thereby proving a famous conjecture of Calabi. I will discuss extensions of Yau’s theorem to the non-compact world before discussing recent joint work with Hans-Joachim Hein (Muenster) classifying such manifolds modelled on a cone at infinity

Afternoon tea will be provided at 3:30pm



Seminar Room 1.33, Building 145, Science Road, ANU

-35.275387198178, 149.11926090717