Fractal transformations, tops and tilings

MSI Colloquium, where the school comes together for afternoon tea before one speaker gives an accessible talk on their subject

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23 Mar 2023 | 4 - 5pm
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Michael Barnsley (ANU)
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Brett Parker, Ian Le

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First, I will describe the mathematics behind a recently hung picture on the third floor in the Hanna Neumann building. Then I will describe an extension of self-similar tiling theory, which covers for example Penrose tilings, to situations where the tiles are overlapping. This is achieved using iterated function systems which do not obey the open set condition. The notions of the top of an IFS attractor and reversible addresses are defined. While there are examples of these new self-similar tilings, the general existence question is unanswered even in simple cases.

*Afternoon tea will be provided at 3:30pm


Seminar Room 1.33, Building 145, Science Road, ANU