'Inclusion-Exclusion' in the Mathematical Sciences with Dr Eugenia Cheng

The MSI Equity and Diversity committee invites you to a viewing party for Dr Eugenia Cheng's virtual lecture on inclusion-exclusion in the mathematical sciences. 

Dr Eugenia Cheng is on a mission to do for mathematics what Neil deGrasse Tyson does for astronomy: Make it approachable. 

In her lecture "Inclusion-Exclusion in the mathematical sciences: who is kept out, and how we can use maths to bring them in" , Dr Cheng tackles the issue of gender inequality and argues that her mathematical specialty, category theory, reveals why.

Using a combination of precise mathematical reasoning, techniques of abstract mathematical thinking, and her experiences as a woman in the male-dominated field of mathematics, she argues that if we focus character traits rather than gender we can have a more productive and less divisive conversation, about math and beyond.

About the speaker

Dr Eugenia Cheng is a Scientist in Residence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Honorary Visiting Fellow of City, University of London. Previously she was a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) of Pure Mathematics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield, UK. Her research is in category theory, mostly higher-dimensional.

In addition to her latest book, she is the author of several popular mathematics books, published by Profile and Basic:

  • “How to Bake Pi: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics” 
  • “Beyond Infinity: An Expedition to the Outer Limits of Mathematics” - this was shortlisted for the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize
  • “The Art of Logic”

Dr Cheng is keen to bring mathematics to a wider audience and help reduce maths phobia! She is good at explaining things in an accessible way to non-mathematicians of all ages. On top of her job teaching undergraduates and graduate students, she has volunteered helping with mathematics in primary/elementary school ever since she was a graduate student. She also founded the Sheffield Mathematics Academy to bring secondary/high school students to university for mathematics enrichment. Her job at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago involves teaching high level abstract mathematics to art students.

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