Knot Days Virtual Summer School at ANU

Interested in learning more about mathematical knots? This workshop will feature lectures, problem sessions and accessible research talks, in a supportive and enthusiastic environment.
Open to all PhD students in Australia

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15 Nov 2021 | 12am - 19 Nov 2021 | 12am
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Open to all PhD students in Australia 

Interested in learning more about mathematical knots?  Whether you're writing a thesis in topology or studying something else entirely, you're invited to join other HDR students for a three-day workshop on knot theory. This workshop will feature lectures, problem sessions and accessible research talks, in a supportive and enthusiastic environment. 

This event is part of the MSI Special Year 2021 

Warning! Please be aware that scammers are targeting conference participants. A number of participants have received phone calls requesting credit card information for hotel bookings. Under no cricumstance give this information. Please do not hesitate to contact the organisers if you are unsure if a communication is legitimate.


Event format

All talks will be held live via Zoom. 

If you have any questions please email Joan Licata - and 'cc'



  • Joan Licata (ANU)
  • Dan Matthews (Monash University)
  • Stephan Tillmann (University of Sydney)


Code of conduct

The Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI) Special Year is committed to ensuring all workshops, conferences and seminars are accessible to a diverse range of participants. We aim to create a safe, respectful and supportive environment to allow free flow of information, discussions and ideas. All staff and students have the right to be treated with courtesy, fairness, equity and professionalism. Discriminatory or harassing behaviour will not be tolerated.

Integral to providing a safe and respectful environment is ensuring individuals have avenues through which they can report any witnessed or experienced discrimination or harassment. Staff, students and visitors can approach the organiser of the event, a member of staff with whom they feel comfortable talking, or contact the department via email at Anonymity will be maintained and confidentiality will be respected at all times.

We ask all participants to review the ANU Code of Conduct and maintain the principles of the document for the duration of the workshop.



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