New solutions to the tetrahedron equation from quantized six-vertex models

MSI Colloquium, where the school comes together for afternoon tea before one speaker gives an accessible talk on their subject

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30 Mar 2023 | 4 - 5pm
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Atsuo Kuniba, University of Tokyo
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Brett Parker, Ian Le

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The Yang-Baxter equation is the key to integrability for lattice models in statistical mechanics on a two-dimensional lattice. Its algebraic aspects are now well understood in terms of quantum groups. The Tetrahedron equation is a generalization to the three dimensional system, which is more challenging but has seen many interesting developments. I will give a brief introduction to the subject and present some new results based q-Weyl algebra valued six-vertex models.
(Based on a joint work with Shuichiro Matsuike and Akihito Yoneyama.) 

*Afternoon tea will be provided at 3:30pm



Seminar Room 1.33, Building 145, Science Road, ANU