2018 Chris Heyde Scholarship recipient aiming for international collaborations

Mr Daning Bi
23 April 2018

Mr Daning Bi, current PhD student in Statistics, ANU College of Business and Economics, is the 2018 recipient of the Chris Heyde Scholarship.

“The financial support will help me focus more on my research and make it possible for me to attend more international statistical conferences to present and share my current work with researchers all over the world, which, I believe will benefit my research progress”.

Professor Chris Heyde was well known and well regarded amongst his colleagues and friends for his substantial contribution to many areas of probability, statistics and stochastic analysis during his lifetime. To honour his memory, the Chris Heyde Scholarship has been established at the ANU to enable students to study and expand research into these fields.

The scholarship is funded by the interest on contributions from friends, colleagues, family and the ANU Endowment for Excellence.

To find out more, visit the Chris Heyde Scholarship website.