Generosity of donors supporting students to pursue their studies at MSI

Publication date
Wednesday, 26 Aug 2020

Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences Relocation Grant

Lewei Tao, 2019 recipient 

Lewei started enjoying maths in high school. He loved that it was a subject full of logical thinking, rigor and order. He was also drawn to maths, recognising that it can help lead to the truth. Having completed his first year of study in 2019, Lewei believes that studying at ANU helped him realise he wants to delve deeper into understanding the cognition of maths.  

Letitia Law, 2020 recipient 

Letitia has been interested in mathematics from an early age. While still at high school, she recognised that if she wanted to understand maths on a deeper level, she would need to pursue it in higher education. "I extend my sincere gratitude to the donors. To be able to donate money in this time and situation is hard on everyone, especially since everyone is struggling with money and jobs now. Most importantly, it gave me courage and motivation to work even harder with my majors, knowing that someone was supporting me --mentally and fiscally.

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