Love, Magic & Disobedient Databases: Maths & Comp Sci in the Pub

11 October 2019

Mathematicians and Computer Scientists get creative as they share their research, their love of brain-boggling abstract patterns and concepts.

The line-up

Tony Licata (ANU Maths) is going to boggle your mind with a magic card trick. And then unboggle it by revealing the neat maths that’s going on.

The average returns at the card game Blackjack are -4%. Kate Turner (ANU Maths) is going to show you how to lose less money.

David Gozzard (ANU Physics) has been pondering the maths of love… calculating his chances of finding a girlfriend!

Owen Hearder (ANU Maths) is inviting you to come and stay in a hotel with an infinite number of rooms. But how infinite is it?

Daniel Johnson and Dileepa Ameresekere (ASD) have developed an app that will help you solve your holiday problems – the most efficient way to visit all the sites (and it could have some other uses too).

Database developer Edward Haynes has given up trying to use conventional logic to tame databases – instead he’s using behavioural visualisations.

Yes! Maths does have all the important answers: Michael Howes (ANU Maths) is going to explain why there are always an even number of people on Facebook with an odd number of friends.

All welcome – Including under-18s if accompanied by a responsible adult.