A love of maths brings new perspectives

Image Credit © Michael Hood 2013, Faces of Science
11 August 2020

The Mathematical Sciences Institute is proud to announce that Georgiana Lyall is the recipient of the 2019 inaugural Alan McIntosh Prize.
Georgiana developed a love for maths during her college years and is currently completing her second year of a double degree in Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences/Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Research and Development – Honours). She says “After my first year at university I have a completely different understanding of what maths involves…and this is leading me to choose maths as the primary focus of my degree".
Dedicated and focused on developing her own knowledge, Georgiana still makes time to support and encourage others through her role as a Mathematical Sciences Institute Peer Assisted Learning Mentor and tutor for College of Engineering and Computer Science.
Having recently completed a Summer Research Internship with the ANU Computational Media Lab, Georgiana is keen to explore maths research options. She plans to undertake a maths project outside of Canberra next summer. The proceeds from this award will help fund this opportunity.
In her letter of appreciation to the donors Georgiana said “I was thrilled to learn of my selection for the prize in 2019 and am thankful for your generosity and support”.

Emeritus Professor Alan McIntosh was highly regarded by his colleagues and friends and a valued member of the mathematics community.

He made significant contributions to research in the fields of harmonic analysis and partial differential equations. Amongst his notable achievements is his collective role in solving both the Calderon conjecture on singular integrals and the Kato root problem for elliptical differential operators.

In 2015 he was awarded the Hannan Medal by the Australian Academy of Sciences and in 2002 the Moyal Medal from Macquarie University.

Alan McIntosh Prize

Created through the generous support of his friends and family, the Alan McIntosh Prize honours the life and achievements of Emeritus Professor Alan McIntosh.

The prize is awarded annually in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and to encourage first-year students enrolled in the Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences to continue with their studies.

Funding for this prize was provided by the family and friends of Alan McIntosh and matched by the Mathematical Sciences Institute, ANU.