Professor Lilia Ferrario awarded the 2019 ICRAR Visiting Fellowship for Senior Women in Astronomy

26 April 2019

MSI would like to congratulate Professor Lilia Ferrario for obtaining the 2019 ICRAR Visiting Fellowship For Senior Women In Astronomy. 

Lilia will be visiting ICRAR from June to September this year to engage in scientific collaborations with ICRAR staff on Galactic archaeology, pulsars and magnetars, metal polluted white dwarfs, and on the radiation properties of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables. She will meet with early career researchers and PhD students to help them enhance their career prospects and identify common research interests. Lilia will also engage in discussions on gender equality in science and will propose strategies to promote the appointment and promotion of women in astronomy.

ICRAR is a Western Australian Government funded, equal joint venture of Curtin University and the University of Western Australia (UWA). Its main aim is to provide an opportunity for senior women astronomers, as well as engineers and data scientists working in the field of astronomy, (having more than five years research work experience post PhD) to visit ICRAR and interact with ICRAR researchers and graduate students. 

Congratulations Lilia!