Exploring Qualitative Mathematical Modelling and the Mathematics of Traditional and Indigenous Cultures

Exploring Qualitative Mathematical Modelling and the Mathematics of Traditional and Indigenous Cultures

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Project Description:

This research project offers an exciting opportunity to delve into the realm of qualitative mathematical modelling and explore the mathematics embedded within traditional and Indigenous cultures. The project aims to bridge the gap between mathematical modelling and cultural diversity by incorporating non-Western perspectives and alternative mathematical systems.

Project Objectives:

· Gain a comprehensive understanding of qualitative mathematical modelling techniques and their applications.

· Explore the mathematical concepts, systems, and methodologies found within traditional and Indigenous cultures worldwide.

· Analyse the historical and cultural contexts in which these mathematical systems have evolved and continue to thrive.

· Investigate how qualitative mathematical modelling can be applied to better understand, represent, and preserve traditional and Indigenous mathematics.

· Identify the unique strengths and limitations of existing qualitative mathematical modelling frameworks when applied to the mathematics of traditional and Indigenous cultures.

· Develop new qualitative mathematical modelling frameworks or adapt existing ones to be more inclusive of non-Western mathematical perspectives.

· Prepare a comprehensive report summarizing the findings, methodologies, and recommendations for future research.

Expected Tasks:

· Analyse case studies and historical examples to identify opportunities for qualitative mathematical modelling in the context of traditional and Indigenous mathematics.

· Collaborate with peers and mentors to develop and refine qualitative mathematical modelling frameworks that incorporate non-Western perspectives.

· Present findings and recommendations to the research team and potentially at academic conferences or symposiums.

Note: Indigenous students and those with a strong interest in traditional and Indigenous cultures are particularly encouraged to apply.



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