Reductions of Galois representations using the Iwhahori mod p LLC

The algebra-topology seminar covers topics in Algebra and Topology

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5 Mar 2024 | 3 - 4pm
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Eknath Ghate (TIFR)
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That there is an intimate connection between algebra (representations of Galois groups) and analysis (representations of matrix groups) is the content of the Langlands program. We recall the mod p Local Langlands Correspondence using the language of Iwahori induction.
We use the Iwhaori mod p LLC to compute the reductions of all 2-dimensional semi-stable representations of the Galois group of Q_p of weights up to p+1. We show that the reduction varies through an alternating sequence of irreducible and reducible representations.
In principle, our method works for all weights. In particular, it lets us go beyond the earlier glass ceiling of weight p-1 which occurs in the work of Breuil-Mezard and Guerberoff-Park, allowing us to complete our proof of our zig-zag conjecture.

This is joint work with Anand Chitrao (


Seminar Room 1.33
Hanna Neumann Building 145
Science Road
Acton ACT 2601

-35.275387198178, 149.11926090717

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5 Mar 2024 | 3 - 4pm

The algebra-topology seminar covers topics in Algebra and Topology

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