Organisers: Alan Hammond (University of California Berkeley) and David Croydon (Kyoto University)

Plenary speaker:

Allan Sly (Princeton University)


Pierre Nolin (City University of Hong Kong)

Alejandro Ramirez (NYU Shanghai and Universidad Católica de Chile)

Nathan Ross (University of Melbourne)

Hao Shen (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Rongfeng Sun (National University of Singapore)

Probability: Many-body random systems are of fundamental importance in statistical mechanics. They model diverse phenomena, such as agglomeration, turbulent fluids or even traffic flow. Probabilists seek to answer central questions concerning such systems, selecting and analysing models that are simple enough that they may be analysed in a rigorous mathematical fashion, yet rich enough to capture important physical features. A guiding theme is universality: discovering and analysing mathematical structures that describe basic shared aspects of seemingly very different natural phenomena. Now is an exciting time for probability, with remarkable progress being made on important problems arising in areas such as phase transitions, anomalous dynamics and fractal scaling limits. Recent advances have drawn on tools from, and contributed to, areas as diverse as algebra, complex analysis, differential equations, integrable systems and metric geometry.

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