MDSC: Mathematical Data Science Centre

Conferences and school series

Global School Series

Increasing the involvement of mathematicians in data science research is of crucial importance for the future of mathematics, science and technology. The annual global mathematics of data science school series is intended to give graduate students and early career researchers exposure to high-quality modern research on the mathematical foundations of data science – showing them that data science is a truly exciting mathematical research area.

The series will be held in a different part of the world mid-year, each year, and the speakers will be leading experts on various facets of mathematical data science:

June 2024: Darwin, Australia

2025: Bernoulli Center, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (dates to be determined; local organizing committee: Emmanuel AbbéNicolas Boumal and Lénaïc Chizat)

2026: IMS - Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University Singapore (dates to be determined, local organizer: Jonathan Scarlett)


The series' scientific committee consists of Peter Bartlett (UC Berkeley), Gabor Lugosi (UPF), Shahar Mendelson (ANU) and Roman Versynin (UC Irvine).


Conferences and workshops:

Conference on Mathematical Aspects of learning Theory- 20 years later. September 2024, CRM, Barcelona, Spain 

Applications of Topological Data Analysis to Mathematical Biology. November 2024, MATRIX, Creswick, Australia