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Lindbladians and related master equations in quantum mechanics Mathematical physics
Kervaire invariant one problem Algebra & topology
Isometric embedding of two dimensional Riemannian manifolds Applied & nonlinear analysis
Inverse problems
Introduction to String Theory Mathematical physics
Interactive and automated theorem proving Algebra & topology
Hyperbolic geometry Analysis & geometry
Homological Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Algebra & topology
High dimensional approximation Computational mathematics
Group Theory in Quantum Computation Mathematical physics
Group Actions and Invariants Algebra & topology
Geometry of gerbes & D-branes Analysis & geometry, Mathematical physics
Geometry of Gauge fields Algebra & topology, Mathematical physics
Geometric Control Theory Mathematical physics
Generalized Geometry and its Applications Mathematical physics
Galois theory in topology Algebra & topology
Formation & detection of black holes Theoretical astrophysics
Fermat's last theorem Algebra & topology
Fault tolerant algorithms Computational mathematics
Exterior Differential Systems and Hyperbolic PDE Mathematical physics
Exploring Adaptive Mesh Refinement strategies for dynamic earthquake rupture modeling with ExaHyPE Computational mathematics
Evaluation of hydrological models Computational mathematics
Equilibrium and stability of ITER configurations with resonant magnetic perturbation Computational mathematics
Enriched monoidal categories Algebra & topology
Energetic Particle Physics of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Computational mathematics