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Homological algebra and derived categories Algebra & topology
Hyperbolic geometry Analysis & geometry
Interactive and automated theorem proving Algebra & topology
Introduction to String Theory Mathematical physics
Inverse problems
Isometric embedding of two dimensional Riemannian manifolds Applied & nonlinear analysis
Isoperimetric problems, shape optimization & curvature flows Applied & nonlinear analysis
Joint species distributions models in ecological statistics Statistical science
K-theory & generalized index theory Algebra & topology
K-theory via simplicial sets Algebra & topology
Kervaire invariant one problem Algebra & topology
LASSO asymptotics Statistical science
Magnitude-based Inference Statistical science
Mass transport problems Applied & nonlinear analysis
Mathematical aspects of population genetics Bioinformation science
Mathematical Genetics: Epistasis Bioinformation science
Minimal surfaces in the sphere Applied & nonlinear analysis
Model categories in algebraic topology Algebra & topology
Model fitting to astronomical data Theoretical astrophysics
Model selection in linear mixed models Statistical science
Models for selection effects Statistical science
Moduli spaces for Elliptic PDEs from quantum physics and string theory Algebra & topology, Analysis & geometry, Mathematical physics
Morse theory in dimensions three and four Algebra & topology
Nash's papers on game theory Analysis & geometry
Navier Stokes equation with free boundaries Computational mathematics