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Noncommutative geometry & its application to physics Analysis & geometry, Mathematical physics
Nonlinear heat equation Analysis & geometry
Number theory & algebraic geometry Algebra & topology
Numerical simulations of plasma flow Computational mathematics
ODE estimation Computational mathematics
Operators which preserve the spectrum Analysis & geometry
Parallel high-dimensional density estimation Computational mathematics
Particle orbits in magnetic islands and chaotic magnetic field Computational mathematics
Persistent Homology in Low-Dimensional Topology Algebra & topology
Polarised radiative transfer Theoretical astrophysics
Polyhedral optimization Computational mathematics
Pre-cataclysmic binaries Theoretical astrophysics
Radial velocity survey & non-LTE line profile modelling Theoretical astrophysics
Reduced models in Plasma Cylinder Computational mathematics
Reduction Rank Regression Statistical science
Residuals in linear mixed models Statistical science
Review of data mining literature Statistical science
Riemann zeta function & the distribution of primes Algebra & topology
Scalable Fault-tolerant PDE Solvers Computational mathematics
Scattering theory Analysis & geometry
Sensitivity Analysis of environmental models Computational mathematics
Simulation studies Statistical science
Small Area estimation Statistical science
Smoothing Statistical science
Smoothing & rendering Computational mathematics