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Projects Groups Supervisor(s)
Smoothing & rendering Computational mathematics
Spectral continuity Analysis & geometry
Spherical data Statistical science
Statistics of point clouds Algebra & topology
Stochastic reformulation of Lanchester's Equations Statistical science
Surface mapping class groups Algebra & topology
Surfaces of prescribed Gauss curvature Applied & nonlinear analysis
The Bootstrap Statistical science
The Monge mass transportation problem Applied & nonlinear analysis
The thermodynamics (and entropy) of redistribution of energetic ions due to wave-particle interaction Computational mathematics
Thin plate splines Computational mathematics
Topics in Algebraic Complexity Theory Algebra & topology, Computational mathematics
Topics in Algebraic Geometry Algebra & topology
Topics in contact geometry Algebra & topology
Topics in low-dimensional topology Algebra & topology
Topics in Mathematical Economics
Tsunami and flood modelling Computational mathematics
Ultramassive white dwarfs Theoretical astrophysics
Using methods from algebraic geometry to develop numerical approximations Computational mathematics
Variational approximations for mixed models Statistical science
Viscosity solutions Applied & nonlinear analysis
Wave diffraction Analysis & geometry
Wavelets Analysis & geometry